Metaverse land, virtual land, blah, blah, blah… Get real with Lando!

Lando turns your crypto into a safe asset that is fully backed by real property.

How It Works


Asset back by real property

Lando's vision is to create an effortless way for customers to acquire real world property assets using digital currency. Without the traditional need for large sums of money, customers can buy fractions of a real estate property. Our NFT provides the benefit of a stable, appreciable asset, but without the traditional hassle of taxes, insurance and property maintenance.


Identify undervalued property

Lando identifies undervalued property that we can instantly enhance its value by leasing land rights to others; rezoning it for new uses; creating sub-divisions and resale; upgrading it with a building we then lease; or reselling it in a future hot market. You are able to buy fractions of these assets using your digital currency.


Funding rounds

Each NFT round is associated with a specific property type, buying profile, profit generation plan, and funding goal amount. Once the round opens, purchasing can begin. The round continues until either the countdown time expires or the goal amount is reached. After round closing, the process of purchasing the property begins and typically completes in 30 days. Shortly after the closing, your Ethereum/Binance wallet automatically receives the property NFT. If you did not purchase with a wallet, then Lando will securely hold your NFT in the My Properties section.


Enhancing property value

Once the property has closed, Lando immediately gets to work on enhancing the property's best use. This is where our experts create instant appreciation, passive income potential, or for prepping the best resale opportunity in the future.



Owners can list, bid and purchase previously sold NFT from the marketplace. Owners of the NFTs set the price in either Ethereum, BNB or US Dollars. Buyers can purchase these NFTs at the list price or make an offer that is valid for 24 hours. Lando does not endorse or sponsor re-listed NFTs, due your own due diligence before buying any NFTs not directly offered by Lando contract address.


NFT owners additional benefits

NFT owners are eligible for exclusive discounts on future rounds, access to private member's only drops, and property voting rights. Occasionally Lando may ask NFT holders to voice their opinion on the future of their NFT backed property. To qualify to vote, the NFT owner must submit a FYC/AML profile.


Passive income & property sales

Lando's NFTs are backed by actual real world property. Three ways this benefits you: (1) property value historically appreciates due to its scarcity; (2) income generating property rewards are paid out to NFT owners on a quarterly basis; and (3) the net proceeds of a property sale are returned to NFT owners and the NFT are then burned.


Lando fees

Lando's fee structure is very simple. We charge an annual management fee of 9% and 14% of the net profits when a property generates income, from cash flow or its resale.

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